Hi everyone! My name is Karl. I am, married with a lovely wife and daughter. I live in the Upstate NY area. I love the cities and towns of Upstate New York, and they will feature a lot in my stories. I have been writing for a long time, but I have recently decided to take the next step and have a little fun with it by sharing with everyone. I enjoy writing stories that involve the supernatural or dystopian societies. Stay tuned for my next book "The Shaker of Worlds", a supernatural tale about a family with telekinetic powers. I will also be going back to Alfred's world soon as well."The Prepper, Part One: The Collapse" is now available in paperback on Amazon or as a Kindle Edition. I had a lot of fun getting into the mind of a prepper. In "The Prepper, Part One: The Collapse" Alfred realizes that something is wrong, and he begins to make plans for his family's survival and well being. The family watches as the USA's economy collapses after a series of devastating nuclear terrorist strikes. The cities of Syracuse, NY; Topeka, KS; Kokomo, IN; and Redding, CA are destroyed. When the economy collapses the resulting food shortages, rioting, and looting forces Alfred's family to deal with a series of horrifying life and death situations. I encourage all my readers to leave their opinions on the book and whether the family went about their prepping correctly. What would you do if faced with the same situation?